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Coming July 13!  R.L. Burnside’s “Well, Well, Well”, in edited form, back on all digital services. For a preview, click here.

Sunny Lowdown’s “Shady Deal” has hit the streets to great reviews…

“This utter badass has a wonderful under the radar record here that’s sure to fly high in the long run. A through original, every move this cat makes is going to grab you. Killer stuff.​” – The Midwest Record

Here’s a lowdown “Christmas Eve Blues” from Sunny’s  CoolStreme release “Shady Deal”


Sunny Lowdown Performs At The 2018 Blues Blast Music Awards


Backing himself up with fine, muscular guitar picking, Sunny continues the tradition he began with his critically acclaimed first CD, “The Blues Volume Low”, which was selected as “Blues CD Of The Year” by Spokane Public Radio.

“The absolute best of them can make the blues fresh and engaging every time, for anyone. Sunny Lowdown does that…Drive, spirit, spookiness—all the elements are here, Down Loaded.”Elmore Magazine

 “This one is made for listeners who relish real, traditional blues, served by an artist who has learned from some the greats.”Blues Blast Magazine.

2018 Blues Blast Music Award Nominee


On Sunny Lowdown’s first release, he plays the raw, deep blues, drawing from the music of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jesse Mae Hemphill and R.L. Burnside.

“A great sound! One of the best new CDs I’ve listened to in a number of years.” Spokane Public Radio, selected release as Blues CD Of The Year

“Sunny plays lovely guitar…You can see Sunny playing on street corners in your mind’s eye as you listen to these tracks.”Blues Matters

“Sounds great!” Paul Oscher, former member of Muddy Waters Blues Band

Spokane Public Radio Blues CD Of The Year

4/1 MIND & PRIVATE JUNGLE – THE SLAMHOUND HUNTERS (courtesy of Satin Records)

The Slamhound Hunters were a group formed in the early 1980s by ex-Mink DeVille guitarist Louis X. Erlanger, Kim Field, Mark Dalton and Leslie Milton. An accomplished group of players, Kim Field wrote the book “Harmonica’s, Harps and Heavy Breathers”, The Slamhound Huntersone of the few definitive histories of the harmonica, Mark Dalton had played on the hit “In The Year 2525” and Leslie Milton had played on the Rivingtons’ “Papa Oom Mow Mow”, among others. The Hunters had a hit in the Seattle/Portland area with “Cadillac Walk” (Erlanger had played on Mink DeVille’s earlier recording of that tune) and that led to them sharing stages with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Gregg Allman, The Righteous Brothers and other top names. They also toured Europe to support the French release of their work. Their two albums, 4/1 MIND and PRIVATE JUNGLE, have been re-released on all online music services as of March 15, 2018. Of historical note: The artwork on these recordings was done by band member Kim Field and Charlie Schmidt, the creator of YouTube sensation Keyboard Cat.


William Ash is a young New York guitarist who began making waves straight out of high school.   At the age of twelve he was already mastering Wes Montgomery’s style, and while in high school he won the Young Talent Search of The National Association of Jazz Educators, and the McDonald’s Combo Contest.  Since then he has worked as a sideman with Jack McDuff, Jimmy Ponder, Larry Goldings, Roy Hargrove, and many more jazz legends.   “Broadway Alley” is a collection of his own compositions and those of his organist Jared Gold, another up and coming name.   On drums is Jimmy Madison, whose resume reads like a who’s who of jazz.  This is swinging music that will stick in your blood long after the first listen.  It’s down in the alley — Broadway Alley.

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